In 2021, the Alice and Glenn Bertrand, Sr. purchased the property for Diamond Farm Winery and Brewery to build a retirement home. Although they found the property ideal for retirement, it was the large barn on the property that exuded history with its aged wood exterior that impressed them most. After multiple family discussions, the Bertrand’s decided to repurpose the barn to participate in Virginia Agritourism instead of making it their retirement home. Then the unique journey began of transforming the property into an oasis where the opportunities were limitless with a space the public could not only enjoy wine and beer while taking pleasure in the scenic atmosphere but host a multitude of events, like birthdays, weddings, corporate celebrations, soirées, and much more.

The family’s restoration of the barn is unique in the fact that its new design and build was designed and created by the Bertrand family. Glenn Bertrand, Sr. (Father), Glenn Bertrand, Jr. (Son) and Valetta Bertrand-Baker (Daughter) are all licensed Class A Builders in Virginia, thus they managed the day-to-day construction. This is not their first business in Prince William County as they also own and operate Diamond’s Management Group, Inc., which is a construction company that has been in existence for 45 years. Their business has been a pillar in the community.

With over 45 years of experience in the construction industry, the Bertrand family is skilled in the project management, customer service and strategic planning field. The Bertrand family plans to employ the same dedication, passion, commitment and customer focus that has led to the success and longevity of their construction business. The Bertrand’s intend on being able to do this by building strong relationships with customers, suppliers, and the community. Ultimately, the warmth and hospitality of Diamond Farm Winery and Brewery will reflect family values. Success will not be based solely on financial gains but creating valuable memories and making a positive impact in the community.

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